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The Tricky Relationship with Productivity

At the end of February and throughout the month of March I fell into a slump. An un-motivating slump. During this period, I really started to think about my relationship with productivity and hustle culture. That's what we discuss in this episode. It's a little bit of a ramble-y episode, but if you're in a similar situation, I hope this helps you!

Coffee Book Club - Show Your Work!

Welcome to our first book club episode! Today we discuss, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. A life changing book that is 100% worth the read.

Espresso Yourself Musically

On this very special episode of the podcast, we're in talks with the one and only Davon Corbett! You may know him as the the musician who created the intro and outro music for The Press Pod. We discuss all things music, life, and his new single, Leap of Faith!

These Productivity Apps Mocha Me Very Happy

In this episode we discuss my top 5 productivity apps to use this year!

Talking a latte tech!

From food tech to smartphones, we discuss tech to watch in 2021!

Music + Productivity = A Brewtiful Blend?

In this episode we discuss music and productivity. Does listening to music make you more productive? Does it matter if you're listening to music with lyrics or instrumental music? We discuss it all!

Searching for the Perfect Blend

In this episode we discuss something a little bit different-- career changes, following your passions, and gut feelings.

This Backpack Guide is Fabrewlous

In this episode we create our very own backpack purchasing guide! Find out the parameters I like to consider when purchasing a brand new EDC or one-bag travel backpack, and get ready to take backpack researching to a whole new level.

A Pot of EDC, Espresso-ly for You

In this episode I go over my list of everyday carry (EDC) gear in hopes of introducing you to a new product and giving you more information about products you're interested in!

Brewing the Perfect Blend of Everyday Carry

In this episode we discuss a topic that is extremely near and dear to my heart: everyday carry (EDC). We discuss what EDC is, how my passion in this subject got started, and different EDC items and backpacks for you to check out!

It's a Brewtiful Day to be Productive Pt. 2

In this episode we finish up the conversation on the productivity machine! We cover the last few applications that create my productivity machine, and with each application, we go over my use cases for them and favorite features! *shouts in Captain America voice* Productivity Machine! Assemble.

It's a Brewtiful Day to be Productive Pt. 1

In this episode we start off with our daily coffee fact, then discuss some productivity tools that I've found to be incredibly useful. We cover my use cases for each application/tool, my top 3 favorite features, and how students and working professionals can integrate these applications into their everyday lives. Get ready to level up your productivity machine!