This Backpack Guide is Fabrewlous

In this episode we create our very own backpack purchasing guide! Find out the parameters I like to consider when purchasing a brand new EDC or one-bag travel backpack, and get ready to take backpack researching to a whole new level.
Our Purchasing Guide

PurposeSize, Price, and Pockets are our four parameters and helps us picture our perfect backpack before we begin our research! Use this guide for your next backpack purchase and let me know how it works for you 🗒️

Here is a list of companies that  I highly recommend taking a look at for everyday carry, one-bag travel bags, pouches, and so much more!

Peak Design
Topo Designs
Waterfield Designs
Tom Bihn
Baron Fig
Able Carry
Boundary Supply

There are a ton of backpack companies out there, so use your guide and find the one that best fits you and your carry needs 🎒


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